MP Engine Series


All Muscle The Mack® MP™ Engine Series (MP7, MP8 & MP10) impresses mile after mile.  These proven, highly fuel-efficient and clean-running engines feature an amazing horsepower range from 325 to 605 HP. 

And with torque ratings topping out at a phenomenal 2,060 lb.-ft., these engines deliver plenty of muscle and the low-end torque you need to conquer the workday.

EASY SERVICING: The MP Engine Series features 35,000-mile service intervals for highway trucks and 450-hour or 15,000-mile oil drain intervals (whichever comes first) for severe service vocational applications. These engines are designed with convenient access points that make servicing a snap. 

SINGLE OVERHEAD CAM: The MP Engine Series uses a robustly designed single overhead camshaft that reduces stress and incorporates an ultra-high-pressure fuel injection system. 

VARIABLE GEOMETRY TURBOCHARGER: The electronically controlled Variable Geometry Turbocharger incorporates the latest technology to control turbo boost at all RPM ranges and engine loads. Mack provides additional level of cooling and lubricant protection for the turbo and actuator. 

BUILT LIKE A MACK TRUCK®:  The MP Engine Series is designed with fewer parts, including one-piece steel pistons, larger lower end crankshaft bearings and a robust 38 bolt cylinder head, giving operators a true powerplant that’s built to last for a very long time. 

A BRAKE POWERFUL ENOUGH TO STOP A MACK: The Mack PowerLeash™ engine brake provides more braking horsepower through mid-RPM ranges and weighs 50 pounds less than competitive engine brakes. It’s fully integrated with the MP Engine Series, and with better braking over the entire speed range, PowerLeash delivers the most retarding horsepower ever in a Mack engine brake.POWERLEASH Drivers will immediately notice the responsiveness of the near-instantaneous engine braking, giving drivers confidence behind the wheel. For trucks with the Mack mDRIVE™ automated manual transmission, PowerLeash can be programmed to work with mDRIVE to automatically downshift to maximize brake retarding force. 

MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE: Offered in three engine families — Econodyne®, MaxiCruise® and Maxidyne® — the MP Engine Series is tailored to fit your applications. The Econodyne engines are ideal for typical interstate operations with extended times at engine cruise speed with part load/part throttle application where fuel economy is a priority and with EconoBoost power on demand. The MaxiCruise engines with a “hump” horsepower curve perform best on rolling interstates and in on/off road applications. The Maxidyne engines provide constant high power for low-speed, high-performance and severe-duty conditions, especially in off-road applications. 

BOOST POWER AND FUEL EFFICIENCY: The Econodyne engines use an intelligent torque management strategy called EconoBoost to give drivers the extra muscle needed to keep vehicle speed constant under full engine loads to avoid downshifts. Initiating at 1,300 RPM with the driver maintaining speed for three seconds of requested full throttle (while in the top two gears), EconoBoost provides up to an additional 200 lb.-ft. of torque for as long as needed, allowing the engine to stay in a higher gear to crest a hill or make a safe pass. EconoBoost delivers more than 93 percent of power after an upshift, and it disengages once the driver lifts off the throttle and the driveline senses zero torque, all contributing to improved fuel economy.  

Because EconoBoost provides torque at lower RPMs and not just horsepower at higher RPMs, it can improve fuel economy by an additional 1.5 percent. As a result, drivers get more torque at lower engine speeds, allowing more time on higher gears for improved fuel efficiency and superior hill-pulling performance, along with reducing driveline stress. All Mack Pinnaclehighway tractors can be configured with Econodyne engines in either the Mack MP7 and MP8 engines.

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