Corporate Mack Facilities

International Operations

Ever since the Mack AC model saw service in Europe during World War I, Mack has been an internationally recognized truck manufacturer. Today, through an extensive network of more than 55 outlets, Mack trucks are sold and serviced in more than 45 countries, and the brand is particularly strong in Latin America and Australia. Its commercial subsidiary Mack Trucks Canada joins with Mack Trucks, Inc. in supporting customers across North America. In South America, Mack de Venezuela C.A. assembles several models in the Mack line and distributes trucks and parts in the country. South Africa is served by Mack Trucks South Africa (Pty. Ltd.).

The company's largest overseas operation, Mack Trucks Australia Pty. Ltd., is an industrial and commercial subsidiary located in Brisbane, Queensland. Mack Trucks Australia offers a full product line and has introduced such innovations as extra heavy-duty on/off road haulers for long-distance road trains, and right-hand steer engineering for Mack markets worldwide.

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