Axle Carriers


Built For Increased Reliability Mack® axles and carriers are the foundation upon which the Mack reputation for ruggedness, productivity and dependability is built. And the next evolution — the Mack C150/151 Axle Carriers — only build on that Bulldog® tough legacy.

The C150/151 Axle Carriers deliver improved efficiency, higher ratings, improved durability and quieter operation. They are engineered with lower numeric ratios, allowing engines to run at reduced RPMs at cruise speeds, which boosts fuel economy and allows the engine to run much closer to the lower peak torques. This makes  the C150/151 Axle Carriers ideal for highway applications. They are designed to handle the relentless punishment of demanding vocational operations and are rated for severe-duty applications.

The C150/151 Axle Carriers also offer a single drive axle for highway applications.


  • Standard Mack Inter-Axle Power Divider with an optional Power Divider Lockout
  • Optional Interwheel Power Divider
  • Optional Driver Controlled Differential Lock with independent or joint control for improved traction
  • Available with an automatic Inter-Wheel Power Divider in select ratios
  • An innovative sealing package for the bevel pinion shim pack and o-ring seals that integrate throughout for superior oil leak protection
  • Patented symmetric front and rear hollow bevel pinion
  • Larger tapered roller bearings throughout
  • Premium bearing materials
  • Triple-lip seal on rear carriers and singles for improved reliability
  • Top-loaded carrier design allows near-zero driveline angles, reducing noise, vibration and harmonics.


The Mack C150/151 Axle Carriers are an important component of the Mack integrated Pedigree™ Powertrains, performing optimally because they’re designed and manufactured to work together with the engine, transmission, axles and electronics.

The Mack standard dual-reduction, top-mounted design of these carriers provides Bulldog-tough, double-reduction through two sets of gears, not just a single reduction, which significantly reduces stress and gear face pressures through the carrier. Also because of the top-loading feature, Mack has reduced driveline angularity to an absolute minimum, which greatly reduces noise, vibrations and harmonics. This provides a quieter, smoother ride and longer input seal life. With the carriers mounted horizontally, there is no vertical joint, significantly reducing axle lube leak paths, which is a major source of gear wear and potential failure.

Mack spiral bevel gears provide “rolling friction” rather than the sliding friction normally associated with “hypoid” gears. The efficiencies involved with rolling an object rather than sliding it results in a reduction in frictional power loss. The Mack carriers incorporate a full-time power divider, which biases torque to the axle that has the greater amount of traction. An optional Power Divider Lockout is available for on/off road ice and snow conditions.

Typical competitive axles use a conventional differential with a lockout device. This differential reacts much like the differential on a passenger car. As a competitor’s axle loses traction, all of the power is transferred to the axle and the vehicle becomes immobile. If the differential lockout is utilized to restart the vehicle and not disengaged when returning to normal traction surfaces, expensive damage may occur.













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