Talking SCR

Dave McKenna, Director Powertrain Sales & Marketing, answers your questions about SCR

There is a lot of talk these days about the different technologies truck and engine manufacturers have chosen to meet the 2010 EPA emissions regulations. As you've probably heard, Mack has chosen Selective Catalytic Reduction, or simply SCR. Some folks have speculated that we made this decision only because we're part of a large global organization that uses this technology in Europe. That's hogwash. And that's a kind way to describe some of the claims that have been made about the technology itself, many contrary to basic science! The simple truth is that SCR is "clearly" the best choice for our customers- and, for that matter, anyone who owns or operates a heavy-duty truck. Why? Answering this and other questions about SCR is the purpose of this site. But I will give you one hint. Seen the price of diesel lately?

Click here for Mack's SCR vs. Non-SCR cost calculator!

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