TerraPro™ Natural Gas

The best of both worlds.

The best-selling refuse trucks in the industry, the Mack® TerraPro™ Cabover and Low Entry have partnered with the leading natural gas engine manufacturer -- Cummins Westport -- to bring you the cleanest refuse trucks on the market today.  The Mack TerraPro Natural Gas delivers an alternative fuel engine technology that combines all the advantages of clean-burning natural gas with the power and torque expected from a Mack truck for residential and commercial trash collection.  And since natural gas is a readily available U.S. resource, this truck helps reduce our U.S. dependency on foreign oil.

The savings add up fast.

The TerraPro Natural Gas not only meets EPA 2010 and CARB emissions levels, it also sets a new benchmark for lower alternative fuel vehicle life cycle costs.  In high fuel use applications, the lower alternative fuel costs and lower incremental maintenance costs can save you valuable fleet dollars.

More Information!

 View the IRS Certification of the Mack TerraPro as Qualified Alternative Fuel Motor Vehicle Credit.




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