Day Cab

Pinnacle Day Cab axle forward

The Mack® Pinnacle™ DayCab is a versatile workhorse for all your regional trips. It delivers great power, fuel economy and maneuverability throughout the day and across your diverse business needs.


Pinnacle Sleeper axle forward

Pinnacle™ Sleepers are designed for comfort, heavy loads, steep grades and long hauls. With the MP® engine, they deliver the power to handle payloads and the fuel efficiency to run longer and maximize your bottom line.

Granite Series


Side view of black Granite truck

The Granite®’s lightweight chassis can carry heavy loads while staying nimble, and its Mack® MP® engine is powerful and fuel-efficient, creating an unflinching truck built with true grit.

Granite MHD

Side view of black Granite MHD truck

The Mack® Granite® Medium Heavy Duty (MHD) cuts weight without cutting power. It’s ideally configured for shorter runs and lighter-duty cycles with the strength to tackle a host of rugged jobs.



TerraPro Cabover side view

The TerraPro® Cabover delivers a rugged exterior, comfortable interior, superior visibility on all sides and MACK<sup>®</sup> Truck toughness for the construction and refuse industries.

Low Entry

TerraPro Low Entry side view

The most versatile truck in the refuse industry, the TerraPro® Low Entry is rugged and reliable. It delivers comfort and functionality, meeting the needs of both the job and the driver.



Side view of black Titan truck

Titan by Mack is a feat of engineering, housing Mack’s largest-ever engine, the MP10®, and up to 605 horsepower. Drivers of this truck aren’t just hauling heavy transport; they’re carrying pride.