for the ride

Anyone can tell you that pets enrich our lives by joining us as partners for the ride of life, and truck drivers are no exception. Research shows around 40 percent of truck drivers take their furry friends with them on their journeys.

We’ve met our matching goal, thanks to you!

This Giving Tuesday Mack has donated $100,000 to create a matching fund for the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

“A brand with a bulldog in its logo may seem like an obvious fit with the ASPCA,” said Rich Million, Mack Trucks senior vice president of strategy and business development. “The truth is many of our owners have animals, and they bring them on the road for companionship. We want to support organizations that are important to our customers and our employees. The ASPCA is a perfect example.”

We love to see Mack customers with animal besties, so please post photos and videos of your pets and your Mack truck on social media. Photos of dogs, cats and even birds show the impact pets have on the drivers’ lives. Make sure to tag @MackTrucks and use #PartnersForTheRide.

5 Ways Pets Turn Trucking into a Tail-Wagging Adventure

  1. Road Buddy Blues Buster:
    Say goodbye to lonely drives! A furry friend brings instant companionship, turning those long hours into a paw-sitively good time.
  2. Stress-B-Gone Sidekick:
    Who needs stress when you have a wagging tail by your side? Pets are proven mood boosters, making your truck the coolest stress-free zone on the highway.
  3. Exercise Pal and Pit Stop Pro:
    Fido needs walks, and you need breaks. Perfect match! Keep the blood pumping, take in some fresh air, and prevent the yawns with a four-legged exercise enthusiast.
  4. Mood Magic and Mental Health Mate:
    Unconditional love, 24/7. Pets bring joy, purpose, and a break from the daily grind. Who wouldn't want a co-pilot that turns every trip into a tail-wagging adventure?
  5. Guard Dog Extraordinaire:
    Security detail, check! A barking buddy not only keeps unwanted visitors away but also doubles as your on-the-road alert system. Safety first, with a side of furry charm.