The future of medium duty, powered by Mack.

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19,400 lbs. max payload    |      230 mi. estimated range*    |      1,850 lb.-ft. max peak torque*

Legendary durability

The future of Medium Duty starts with Mack’s reputation for durability and toughness. Available in class 6 and 7 configurations, MD Electric offers heavy-duty features for eMobility that’s 100% electric and built to last.



Strong and Safe Cab

Galvanized steel cab prevents corrosion and protects the driver.


LED Headlights

LED headlights provide better visibility, use less energy and last longer.


Heavy-Duty Frame Rails

120k PSI steel frame rails ensure years of dependable service.

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Durable Front Bumper

All-steel construction front bumper stands up to the toughest jobs.


Versatile Wheelbase Options

5 different wheelbase options for a variety of configurations.

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Driven by innovation.

MD Electric’s quick charging rate and high-capacity Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) batteries pack plenty of range.


- 150 or 240 kWh installed capacity


- AC Charging Rate: 19.2 kW
- DC Charging Rate: 80 kW

Uncompromising performance.

An all-electric drivetrain delivers impressive power
while reducing emissions and maintenance costs.

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Designed for drivers.

A smooth ride and quiet interior reduce driver fatigue and distraction for enhanced productivity.


Standard dual-airbag cab suspension system softens bounces and bumps.


Premium insulation around the cab minimizes exterior sounds and vibrations.

Superior comfort.

MD Electric’s cabin interior offers all-day comfort behind the wheel.


Standard air-suspension seat adds ergonomic support and cushioning.

All-electric power train


Step-by-step eMobility solutions






Get support to go electric.

Our step-by-step integration process makes it easy to plug the MD Electric into your business.

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* Based on Mack internal testing. Actual range, motor output, and charge times may vary based on battery condition, charger output, and environmental factors.