If you had a chance to visit the Mack Trucks Mid-America Trucking Show booth this year, you saw the full lineup of what we offer on the highway side with our Pinnacle Axle Forward & Axle Back. You saw everything from daycabs to big sleepers, but you also saw a lot of messaging about "who we are" as Mack Trucks.  

This notion of Born Ready means that we are here to work, we are ready to support our customers, and we value the relationships with our customers.

We also had a tremendous presence around our customer support services.  With our ASIST platform, our GuardDog Connect telematics solution, and our OneCall center staffed with trained technicians, we can support our customers 24/7.

We had Robb Mariani from the show "American Trucker" in the booth talking with customers and helping us tell the Mack story.  Check out some videos produced live from the booth... 

Day 1 in the Mack Trucks MATS Booth

Day 2 in the Mack Trucks MATS Booth

On the product side, we announced our 6x2 Liftable Pusher Axle. I grabbed Phil Cary to sit and talk about the features and what type of applications the 6x2 is most useful in. 

The 6x2 Liftable Pusher Axle

Heavy Duty Trucking stopped by the booth to present our top 20 award for the MP8 505C+ engine. Hear David Moniz talk about the award, and why Mack won it.

Mack wins HDT top 20 Award for MP8 505C+ 

So between the focus on highway, our Uptime Solutions, and our strong dealer network, when we say that "Mack has got your back," it's never truer than it is today.  We are standing beside our customers and doing everything that we can to ensure their success moving forward. 


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