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Stu Russoli
Highway/Powertrain Marketing Manager

I've always been a visual person. Growing up I always liked to draw things and to this day I'd rather explain things to people with a drawing or photograph. To me it's an easier way to communicate what I am trying to say. I mean, I can tell a good story, but “show and tell” just seems to bring it all together. My career has also somewhat followed this path. I started out as a Mechanical draftsman at Mack back in the 80's. After years of progressing through different engineering departments at Mack I landed a job in Sales Engineering where I provided technical and sales support to the salesmen and customers throughout the US and Canada. Dealing with customers and salesmen was an energizing job and really connected me with the trucks and how they were used. Being in that position was a chance to bring all of the parts on the truck together and see how they interacted as opposed to most of the engineering work that I had done which concentrated on a dedicated area of the truck.

From Sales Engineering I transitioned to Product planning which included looking at the competition and the market drivers. We didn't just look at our own products, but also at the competition, trends and geo-political impacts that could affect the trends. We planned what projects were needed, ran the project in the beginning, interacting with engineering and participated with the project team to make sure it delivered what was asked for. My favorite method of communicating to the team was always with photos of trucks in the tough and diverse applications that they are used. The network of sales contacts I had developed and my trips to the field provided me with the contacts and photos I needed to always have a gallery of examples.

Currently, I am the highway marketing manager, having transitioned through the Construction and Refuse side of the business over the years I have come to rest in charge of the regional haul, longhaul, LTL and all the class 8 truck highway transport applications. My position in marketing completes the loop for me, from drawing lines on paper to the visual "show and tell" of social media and YouTube.

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