Moving and building a better world

It has been great to return to Mack Trucks. I grew to know this organization when I served as president of Mack North America a few years ago, and in my other roles serving Mack customers in service, aftermarket and finance.

There is only one Mack Trucks. Working for a company and brand like Mack means that when you wake up in the morning you know what you’re going to do and why, and what it means for your customers. The experience and the culture we’ve developed over our long history is incredibly valuable and so distinct. This history and culture are motivating forces for our employees and dealers as we look to the future.

Mack’s purpose is to move and build a better world, and we take that purpose very seriously. We recognize that we have a number of important stakeholders. Beyond our obligations to our customers and dealers, we have a very real obligation to society as a whole: the products and services we provide are vital to the flow of goods, construction and development, and vital services in communities on several continents.

I have very high expectations for Mack and its future. The phrase you hear across the company regarding our products and services is “application excellence.” That means we know how to build and support the exact truck you need for your business, so you can succeed. We offer purpose-built products and services that are the end products of many inputs and investments. We realize that you need solutions that are as purpose-built as our trucks, to enable peak performance for your Mack and improve the overall productivity of your business. Modern trucking is intense and our organization brings technologies and resources together to reduce that challenge and help your business excel. This remains our goal.

All of this is reflected in recent developments. Our electromobility efforts so far have produced the LR Electric refuse truck and MD Electric medium-duty trucks. The LR Electric has been in production for two years in the challenging refuse market and is making a name for itself. The MD Electric began production in the fall of 2023 and is already generating real demand for its performance and its value proposition. Electric vehicles are going to grow in importance for our customers and as we seek to reduce our carbon impact on the planet. In this issue of Bulldog, you’ll read about our recent introduction of Mack Electrifi Subscription and how this innovation removes much of the friction from the adoption of EV trucks.

Also in this issue, you’ll read about two other exciting things Mack is deeply involved with that leverage our technology leadership. The Mack Connect customer portal introduced this fall allows customers to access and use the rich data generated by their trucks to improve operations, maintenance, productivity and total cost of ownership. And Mack Defense, which is growing in importance to our armed forces through the incredible trucks it has developed, has the ability to deliver to the commercial market technology developed for the military. Mack has been a force in military trucks since World War I and this ability to benefit both commercial and military is part of our DNA.

A commitment to sustainability is an important part of Mack’s broader purpose. Recently, the U.S. Department of Energy recognized the Volvo Group’s U.S. manufacturing operations – including Mack’s Lehigh Valley Operations and the Hagerstown Powertrain Operations – for impressive energy use reductions. Since 2014, energy savings for Volvo Group in the U.S. have been close to 26%, which equates to approximately $20 million in energy cost savings and a reduction of approximately 43,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions. And compared to 2009, the Volvo Group’s U.S. manufacturing organization has achieved energy savings of more than 52%.

Mack Trucks’ focus always remains on the customer and ensuring that everything we do meets the customer’s needs. Proof of that is that Mack was named #1 in customer satisfaction in 2023 based on a survey of North American Class 8 truck owners. This is a good position to have and Mack is going to keep it.

Thank you for your support of Mack.

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