The importance of effective pre-trip inspections

If you want to run an efficient, safe fleet, the last thing you need is avoidable vehicle malfunctions or accidents. That’s why it’s so important to make sure drivers are regularly performing pre-trip inspections on their vehicles.

Jamie Hagen—President of Hell Bent Xpress, a 12-truck fleet—says he’s a firm believer in the necessity of conducting pre-trip inspections every day. And as a driver, he practices what he preaches to his team.

“I’m a huge proponent of doing them every morning,” Hagen says. “Through pre-trip inspections, you can catch a lot of issues before ever having to deal with them on the road or encountering a catastrophic failure.”

Hagen says the most important parts to inspect are your lights, tires, and hoses: “They’re wearable items. It’s not a matter of if it’s going to wear out; it’s when. So, keep an eye on the important stuff.” In particular, check lights for corrosion or burnout, tires for proper inflation, and hoses for cracking or rotting.

Hagen says Mack® trucks make inspections easy thanks to its Pre-Trip Assistant, which assists the drivers in checking their exterior lights, light switches, and brake systems.

“Their Exterior Light Inspection Test shaves off a lot of time,” says Hagen. “You just flip the switch, and it starts cycling through all your lights and testing them for you.”

The Mack Co-Pilot display also contains menus that drivers can refer to for additional pre-trip steps.

While a good pre-trip inspection may take a little extra time and attention upfront, it’s worth it to avoid the risk, expenses, and time lost to accidents and vehicle breakdowns. Keep your drivers safe and your fleet productive by emphasizing pre-trip inspections.

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