The Top Bulldogs for 2025

The winners have been selected for the 2025 Mack Trucks Calendar after a spirited online contest. Twelve Mack trucks will have the spotlight in 2025 for a month apiece in the very popular calendar that showcases the brand's customers in the U.S. and Canada.

Thousands of Mack fans chose among 177 submissions in seven separate categories. The winners will be professionally photographed this summer for calendar. Updates and behind the scenes photos from the shoots will be posted on Mack's social media platforms in the coming months, too.

“It was exciting to see how involved everyone was in this year’s contest,” said David Galbraith, Mack Trucks vice president, global brand and marketing. “We received a record 432,000 votes this year, which is particularly special to us considering the 125th anniversary of Mack in 2025. The strength of the Mack community, even after all these years, shows an affinity for the brand that is unmatched in virtually any industry.”

In honor of Mack’s 125th anniversary, this year’s contest included a special category for the oldest Mack still in revenue operation.

Mack owners submitted photos and videos of their trucks to the contest in seven categories: Mack Anthem, Granite, Legacy, LR, Mack MD, Pinnacle, and TerraPro. These represent the truck models currently available in the Mack lineup, except for Legacy, the category for Mack models no longer in production but still in operation with customers. The 2025 Mack calendar will be available later this year on

To be eligible for the calendar, each truck, including the Legacy truck models, must currently be in operation in a business or trucking company; the truck must be in routine use; and trucks may not be collector or show trucks that are no longer licensed for commercial use.

Congratulations to this year's winners!

Oldest Truck (1966 R Model – delivered July 11, 1966)








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