2023 Mack-UAW Labor Negotiations

Highlights of the 2023-2028 Tentative Agreement

As we announced Oct. 2, Mack Trucks and the UAW have reached a Tentative Agreement on the terms of a new five-year agreement. The Tentative Agreement would deliver a 10% general wage increase in year one for all employees, and a compounded 20 percent general wage increase over five years. It would also eliminate one wage progression step, giving all employees a faster path to full pay, and provide a $3,500 bonus if ratified on the first vote. Premiums for our first-class health insurance would not increase through the term of the contract.

To find out more about what this agreement means for you, select your work location below. These summaries are intended to complement the information provided to you by UAW leadership.

The company is committed to coming to the bargaining table fully engaged and focused on reaching an agreement that delivers strong results for our employees, our facilities, and the business. We are committed to fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect, even when perspectives and proposals differ.

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Sept. 25 Bargaining update

Tentative agreements have been reached for all local contracts. Last week’s discussions focused on Master Contract-level economic and non-economic issues, health and safety, and benefits. These discussions will continue this week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I work in Hagerstown. We build and ship more than double the amount of engines and transmissions to NRV. Our shirts, jackets, postings etc., all say Volvo. The main entrance, all the signs, say Volvo. Mack has a very small footprint here. I hear that we go by Mack's income for are contract. Our contract books all say Mack and this website all says Mack. Doesn't Volvo contribute something?

A: Hagerstown has been a Volvo Group facility for more than two decades, but we’ve been building Mack powertrains there since 1961, so the Mack legacy is strong. The Mack contracts were in existence before Volvo acquired Mack, and the company and UAW agreed to continue bargaining under that framework. The Volvo Group continues to make major investments in Mack people, plants, and products, as it has for more than twenty years.

Q: Why do we hire people without testing mechanical adaptability??

A: Basic requirements vary by position. While mechanical ability and/or experience is helpful in some positions, it’s not always required, and is sometimes difficult to find, so we provide training opportunities for new employees.

Q: Will UAW positions be created in the Vehicle Propulsion Lab?

A: The parties are currently in negotiations and discussions surrounding this and other important issues. We will provide additional updates when they are available.

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