Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I work in GTT. We have some upcoming prototype builds in our lab, which is comprised of union mechanics. Are we allowed to plan for a strike? Would it be ok to shift or delay builds or extend builds for a longer duration in anticipation of a strike? Or should our project plans not take this possibility into account?

A: While we never want a strike, we realize there is a chance one could occur, so it’s prudent to prepare for that possibility. As we have always done, the company is actively preparing to meet the future needs of our customers regardless of whether a labor action occurs.

Q: Could we have an engineering program like Lucid Motors does, one where a technician works closely with engineer to fix issues and ultimately promotes technician into engineering role/fast tracks? Learn the ins and outs of department etc.?

A: Thank you for this comment. Training is a significant topic in the current discussions. Please make sure your union rep is aware of your idea. We will also share this idea with the committee.

Q: Will we be informed of what is submitted for each proposal or at least have minutes to read after each negotiation meeting to better understand what is being discussed/proposed?

A: Each party maintains their own notes or minutes from the meetings. Whether those are shared is up to each party, but generally notes are not shared as they are frequently used, if necessary, in legal proceedings, including arbitrations, to determine the underlying intent of certain proposals. At this early stage of the process the volume of proposals, and changes to proposals as the parties discuss them, makes providing detailed reports impractical. Having said that, federal labor law does permit the parties to share any proposals passed to the other party with employees and others when they feel it is appropriate. We have committed to providing regular bargaining updates via this site.

Q: How many employees in total, and at each location, are covered by the Mack Master Contract?

A: More than 3,900 employees in total are covered:

  • Lehigh Valley, PA: About 2,400
  • Hagerstown, MD: About 1,300
  • Middletown, PA: About 135
  • Baltimore, MD: About 55
  • Jacksonville, FL: About 27

Q: When do negotiations begin between Mack Trucks and the United Auto Workers on a new master agreement?

A: We expect formal negotiations to begin August 28.

Q: What’s the difference between the local and master agreement?

A: The local agreement covers your employment terms and working conditions at your facility and unit. The master agreement covers all five locations.

Q: What information will be available on the negotiation website?

A: The website will provide updates on the negotiations, including key dates, progress reports, announcements, frequently asked questions, and any relevant documents or resources.

Q: How often will the website be updated?

A: The website will be updated periodically as new information becomes available to ensure that employees have access to the most up-to-date information. Updates may occur as negotiations progress, milestones are reached, or significant developments arise.

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