Understanding Strikes

Strikes have significant implications for Volvo Group employees, and the company at large. It is important to have a good understanding of strikes and their possible effects.

All UAW-represented employees have the right by law to choose to participate in a strike, and the right to elect not to participate.

Your Pay and Benefits During a Strike

Pay: You will not receive any wages from the company during a strike. If you are eligible, you may receive $100 a day of strike pay from the UAW.

Unemployment Benefits: In Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Florida you are not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits during a strike.

Incentives: Days missed due to a strike will reduce your Total Rewards payments.

Overtime: You will miss the opportunity for overtime at premium pay during a strike.

Retirement: 401(K) contributions by you and by the company are stopped during a strike.

Vacation: Since vacation is based on hours worked, a strike could potentially affect the amount of vacation earned if you have not reached the current threshold.

Healthcare: The company has the right to terminate your healthcare coverage during a strike.

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