Select parts purchasing.

Mack® Select is a Web-based program designed to allow you around-the-clock direct dealer access to look-up parts, check inventory availability, verify pricing and place orders. All dealer information is real-time, so you receive the most current, up-to-date inventory availability and pricing. 

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Mack Select’s Advantages:

24/7 service: Since Mack Select is an online system, you have access to your dealer’s inventory regardless of their hours of operation. Mack Select allows you to look up parts and place orders at a time that is convenient for you. 

Your security is our priority: All your information is secure, thanks to your unique ID and password for login.

You are in control: With Mack Select, you can simplify how you place your orders by creating saved lists of frequently ordered parts. Simply select a previously created list, verify quantities, and submit the order. Dealer inventory and pricing is verified in real-time, and your order is processed. Also, Mack Select provides you a complete order history for all orders placed with the dealer. This includes orders placed online, over the phone or in person. 

Total product offer: With Mack Select, you will have access to all parts offered by your local dealer. In addition, your home page will display parts specials or new products being featured by the dealer. Simply click on the part number or picture, and current dealer inventory is automatically displayed.

News and information: See the latest news and information from the dealer on your personal Mack Select home page. Here you can read about upcoming training opportunities offered by the dealer, catch up on product tips or register to attend an open house. 

Access to our VIN-specific catalog: With your password and ID, you’ll be able to look up the parts needed for vehicle repair. Seamless copy/paste functionality makes it easy to transfer parts from our IMPACT* Parts Catalog to your Mack Select order. Part numbers are true to the vehicle as built. Access to your VIN-specific catalog is free when you register for Mack Select through your local dealer.

Connect to all-makes product catalogs in one central location: Mack Select offers a variety of supplier catalogs and Web links—all in one central location. You no longer have to spend time searching for part number information—simply choose the catalog tab and scroll through the supplier options listed. 

*IMPACT is subject to separate terms and conditions. See local dealer for details.