Mack Adds More Technical Resources to Body Builder Support

As the leading manufacturer of vocational trucks, Mack Trucks has a wealth of information and resources available to body builders, to ensure efficient, reliable and high-quality truck body installation and operation.

As part of our leadership, especially in the construction and refuse industries, Mack has always known the value of a well-coordinated connection between the truck manufacturer (OE) and body equipment manufacturers. Mack’s product managers, sales engineers and technical support work together to properly spec units to facilitate body installation on Mack® trucks and to troubleshoot issues that crop up after the truck/body interface process has begun. Now Mack has committed additional staff and resources to the Commercial Operations and Service Operations organizations to make this process even more effective.

Commercial Operations has added a Mack Body Builder Manager, Gene Olenick, to support our salesmen, customers, and Body Builders to ensure specifications are developed and applied to the order process for a seamless body installation. Gene will be a key asset to ensure information transparency and distribution happens between product managers, Sales Engineering, salesmen, customers, and Body Builders. Dealer sales staff and Body Builders can access these resources at 1-800-TNT-MACK (800-868-6225, choose option 1). This line is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

Mack Service Operations has created a Body Builder Support Group, consisting of Bruce Smith (Body Builder Support Manager), David Troupe, and Greg Gale (Body Builder Support representatives) to assist our salesmen, customers, and body builders with any issues that occur after the vehicle has been built. This Support Group may be reached at 1-877-770-7575 (choose Option 1 to speak with a body builder representative). This line is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

Mack dealers should continue to contact Technical Support Services (800-888-2039) with any issues they encounter in their service department. However, we hope you will share information about this support team with your local body builders and installers.

For questions after delivery (with VIN for affected unit)

  • Dealer service staff call Technical Support Services – 1-800-888-2039
  • Dealer sales staff and Body Builders call Body Builder Support Group - 1- 877-770-7575

Body builder customers also can find detailed information in the Body Builder site of Service material on the site can be downloaded for free or printed copies can be purchased, including:

  • General chassis information
  • Electrical and programming documents

If you currently provide support to your local body installer, these new technical resources will supplement your relationship with the body installer as you deem necessary. Please contact Gene, Bruce or David for more information.