Customer Adaptation Center

We specialize in heavy content specialty vehicles such as the Mechanical All Wheel Drive for the Granite and MRU, as well as installations of the GU8 80” Twin Steer, GU8 Export 88” Twin Steer, MRU Twin and Tri Steer chassis.

Mack Trucks

In addition to the heavy content we also specialize in Lift Axles, Wet Line Kits, PTO’s, Split Shaft PTO, Pumps and Blowers, Headache Racks and a host of other Highway Model related product offerings. We provide a one stop shopping opportunity for our customers as well as furnishing them with a truck that’s leaves the CAC and is ready to go directly into service.

Mack Trucks

The CAC is an extension of the LVO Plant with engineering along with factory trained technicians who specialize in building Mack Trucks day in and day out at our disposal. The CAC has its own engineering staff, internal purchasing, and accounting to meet the needs of our customers. All of our work is carries a full warranty.

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