Mack Introduces Rolling Start for F-Series mDrive transmissions

Mack Trucks

Effective with factory builds of February 13, 2017, F-Series mDRIVE transmissions ordered with a Premium Shifter will have “Rolling Start” functionality.

This will allow a driver to go directly from Neutral to Drive without a Service Brake application. This feature is desirable in Paving applications to reduce the lumping of material when a dump truck is disengaging from the paver.

Requirements are F-Series mDRIVE transmission & Premium Shifter.

To enable the feature:

  • While in Neutral
  • Hold the “+” key on the shiftpad for two seconds
  • Press the “D” key and drive away

For those customers who have ordered a truck with an F-Series mDRIVE transmission & a Premium Shifter, and the truck is built before February 13, 2017, Rolling Start is available as an aftermarket feature through the Body Builder Support group. Please contact 1-877-770-7575 or e-mail for programming parameter P1OM4 via Premium Tech Tool / PTT.

For more details on Rolling Start, please view the Mack Body Builder Manual, section 9.