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Mack MD Pumper

Mack Medium Duty  PTO Options

A comprehensive guide on how to wire and set up the right PTO option for your heavy duty truck application.

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Mack MD Electric Trailer Brakes

Mack Medium Duty-Trailer Wiring with Brake Controller

For applications which require pulling a trailer with Electric Brakes, to prepare wiring to a brake controller, see attached instructions.

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Mack Conventional

VECU5 - New Mack Module (VECU / BBM) For 2022 Model Year

A new vehicle control unit (VECU5) has been developed to support feature growth in the coming years. All DTC's and Operations have been authored in ISO, so there is no correlation to VECU4 for 2021 model year and prior model years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum RPM I should operate my PTO, so that my vehicle will perform Regeneration during PTO mode?
Regeneration in PTO Mode - when a vehicle is being operated in PTO mode and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration is commanded, the engine must be run at a speed above the minimum speeds listed in the tables in Body Builder Manual, Section 9, Table of Contents / Regeneration in PTO Mode. The minimum speed setting can be affected by ambient temperature and/or altitude.
On Mack mDrive, with PTO engaged while in neutral, and then selecting Drive the PTO stops turning. Why?
Remember that the mDrive is an automated manual transmission with a clutch. With the PTO engaged while in neutral, when selecting Drive, the clutch is released, then the transmission shifts into gear. When the driver takes his foot off the brake pedal and presses the throttle pedal the clutch will reengage and the PTO will start to turn again. The transmission will not shift gears and driver is limited to about 6 MPH.
Our customer chassis has an mDrive and has a need for moving PTO operation. What PTO is recommended?
Transmission mounted PTO’s are primarily used for stand-still operation, with the gearbox in neutral. However it is possible to engage PTO in vehicle speeds up to 6 MPH. If the vehicle is to have a moving PTO operation, an mDrive with a REPTO or FEPTO is recommended.