Our Commitment to North America

Mack Trucks is part of the only manufacturing group assembling all its heavy-duty vehicles for the North American market in the United States. The company has invested more than $X billion over the last 10 years in improving and expanding the facilities covered by the Mack master contract.

We invested more than $73 million in our Lehigh Valley Operations since the last contract was ratified. Recent upgrades include a 300,000-square-foot expansion, a customer adaptation center, an audit building, and new equipment and tooling. In late 2020, we insourced chassis assembly for the conventional line.

We invested more than $93 million in our Hagerstown Powertrain Operations since the last contract was ratified. The company insourced machining of gears and shafts for our industry-leading automated manual transmissions, and named Hagerstown the site for assembly of the Modular Power Boxes that power our new zero-emission battery electric vehicles. Work is also underway on a new state-of-the-art, 35,000-square-foot Vehicle Propulsion Lab.

Beyond investments in our facilities, the company continues to make major investments in our North American product line, like the new fully electric Mack LRe refuse vehicle. We are currently in the midst of our largest-ever product renewal program, which includes a $1 billion investment in the Mack product range.

The company is committed to growing its business and its workforce in this region. The current UAW contract covers about 400 more UAW workers today than it did when it was ratified in 2019.

Infographics to come:

First is “invested in our facilities in last decade,”

Second is “new UAW-jobs added since ratification in 2019”

Third is “being invested in new Mack product renewal”

$X Billion400$1 Billion