Macks aren’t just diesels on wheels, they’re sophisticated machines that need expert care

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1. Economy
The latest Macks aren’t just a diesel engine bolted to a chassis. They’re highly-sophisticated machines that have the potential to save you thousands of dollars in fuel alone every year if they’re running smoothly, and with diesel the price it is, every litre counts. Service your Mack poorly though, and you’ll miss out on many of the benefits we’ve built into your truck.

2. Technology
Our workshops have the best diagnostic tools, service databases and the support of a global network. Can your local mechanic plumb the intricacies of an mDRIVE transmission, or ask the Mack Engineering teams here or in the USA for advice? Thought not.

3. Competitive pricing
It’s an old saw that manufacturer service is more expensive, but is this true? When you factor in the downtime that so often results from a poor service done by unqualified mechanics, our pricing looks extremely competitive. We have the most experienced technicians, who know exactly how a Mack is put together and how each part interacts with the others. You can’t do better than that.

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Full factory workshops

Our workshops are the real deal: purpose-built, factory-standard facilities, not some dusty converted warehouse in a back street.

Available countrywide

We have the biggest support network in the country, so whether you’re in a city or the remote outback, we can service you better than anyone else.