Axles – keeping you rolling

Along with the engine, the axles are probably the most critical part of any truck, and certainly the part that’s likely to take the most punishment out there on the road, in the mine, or in the construction site.

Fuel-efficient long-haul
Mack’s C150/151 Axle Carriers are engineered with lower numeric ratios so your engine can cruise at a lower RPM, closer to the lower peak torques, making long-haul far more fuel-efficient.

Quiet and smooth
Designed to work perfectly with Mack engines, transmissions, axles and electronics, the dual-reduction, top-mounted design provides double-reduction through two sets of gears, not just a single reduction. This significantly reduces the stress and gear face pressures through the carrier and the noise, vibrations and harmonics from driveline angularity.

Sliding? No, rolling
Our spiral bevel gears provide “rolling friction” rather than the sliding friction normally associated with “hypoid” gears. Rolling an object is far more efficient than sliding it, reducing power lost to friction. We also use a full-time power divider, which biases torque to the axle that has the greater amount of traction, rather than the conventional lockout device which can make an axle immobile.