The Mack Super-Liner is one of the hardest-working trucks around. With massive horsepower and torque, it’s the truck of choice for people in heavy haulage and demanding line-haul.

If you’ve got to manage premium interstate line-haul, AB triple road trains, low-loader heavy-haulage or anything in between, you want a Super-Liner.

With 685 horsepower under the bonnet, translated to the road by the mDRIVE automated manual transmission, the Super-Liner is quite simply the Mack everyone wants.

Now available with the Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™ safety system integrating camera, radar, and brakes into one of the most comprehensive and powerful driver assistance systems in the Australian and New Zealand Conventional truck market today.


  • The Mack MP10 engine delivers up to 685hp and 2,300 lb-ft torque
  • mDRIVE automated manual transmission  takes all the effort out of gear changes
  • Mack PowerLeash offers ultimate braking control under demanding conditions
  • Mack Grade Gripper – hill start assist
  • Perfect for heavy-haul, road train and other heavy-duty applications.
  • Designed, tested and built in Australia for Australian conditions.

The 60" Sleeper

Need a place to rest your head whilst on the road? Click here to discover our Super-Liner 60" cab.

Optimised Applications

Mack Trucks has been researching our most popular Super-Liner applications - creating our built for purpose range. We’ve brought all our experience to bear, to offer models that have the ideal geometry and drive-line components for specific applications, straight off the assembly line. Speak to your local dealer on the below optimised Super-Liner specs.

  • Super-Liner 36" B-Double
  • Super-Liner Daycab
  • Super-Liner 60" 19m Roadtrain
  • Super-Liner 60” 20m Roadtrain

All configurations are also available in our Elite Spec. Click here to read about how having an All Mack Driveline can benefit your business.