The Mack® Granite® MHD offers much more than any other truck in its class. It is powered by a lightweight, dependable 9-liter engine and rests on Mack’s legendary Cornerstone™ chassis that provides rock-solid performance, durability and reliability.

The Cornerstone chassis features a constant frame rail height and high strength steel alloy designed to create a stronger, lighter frame. Now with the new 7-mm frame rail thickness ideal for the Granite MHD, you can confidently handle whatever the workday throws at you.

The Granite MHD delivers the durability you expect from a Mack truck, yet it’s configured for shorter runs and lighter-duty cycles to fit the needs of your business.


Granite MHD knows how to take a punch. It was built to withstand the toughest jobsites and keep you working productively, while cutting weight to keep you nimble. 

But it’s just as tough as its brother, the Granite. Granite MHD features rugged additions like flush and extended channel type front bumpers that suit all your job site protection needs, and hood splash shields to extend component life and keep the engine compartment clean.

Built with a pride of craftsmanship unmatched in the trucking industry, the Granite MHD is a durable truck you can count on.


  • Sloped hood provides improved aerodynamics and visibility
  • Available in axle forward or axle back
  • LEXAN headlight covers are impact-resistant
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A cab designed for you. No matter how rough the road, the Granite MHD gets the job done.

Built with a durable galvanized steel cab mounted on airbags and shocks, the truck soaks up the rough stuff so the driver can stay comfortable, rested and productive.

A thoughtfully designed dash offers easy access to controls for less driver fatigue, and the best-in-class four-point cab lighting reduces glare and illuminates key spots in the cab.


  • Wrapped dash puts all switches and controls close to the driver
  • Lighting controls can be reached from the ground
  • Galvanized steel cab is mounted on airbags and shocks for comfort


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