LR Electric

Never has a step this big left a footprint so small.

LR Electric

Never has a step this big left a footprint so small.

Harness 120 years of innovative trucking technology with the most durable, hard-working electric truck on the streets today. Introducing the Mack LR Electric.

100% Electric.
42% More Energy.

The Mack LR Electric delivers the same comfort, visibility and reliability as the diesel-powered LR. Now it has 42 percent more energy and a standard 376 kWh total battery capacity for increased range to meet the demands of your operation.

Zero Emissions

2 AC motors provide a combined output of 536 peak hp with no exhaust emissions and no aftertreatment systems for reduced maintenance.

Zero Oil Changes

Get up to 150kW charge power with a max current of 200A, 550–750 volts. Two-stage regenerative braking also recharges batteries on the go.

Zero Diesel Costs

4 fast-charging NMC lithium-ion batteries deliver 600v of power to the 2-speed Mack Powershift transmission, offering 4,051 lb.-ft. peak output torque.

Mack LR Electric Built tough to run clean

Built tough to run clean.

Significantly reduce your fleet's carbon footprint by committing your company to a cleaner future.

LR Electric driver

Quiet comfort that lasts.

Put drivers’ needs first with multiple cab configuration options, advanced cab ergonomics and a near-silent powertrain.

Mack LR Electric save on costs

Get out of the garage.

Save on costs and increase uptime with no oil changes, no aftertreatment systems and a dealer support team that’s always nearby.