The Mack mRIDE: Your workload is rough; your ride shouldn’t be.

Mack delivers the next generation of spring suspensions with mRIDE™. This suspension is lighter than competitors’ spring suspensions and offers improved stability and a smoother ride to ease the load for both heavy haul and vocational trucks. Driver comfort took front seat in this design, so your ride isn’t as rough as your workload.

Mack’s mRIDE suspension provides extreme articulation so that you stay grounded. Your wheels keep constant ground contact to maximize traction on any job-site. The addition of shock absorbers dampens the reaction of the suspension while parabolic springs bring flexibility for an easier ride in both loaded and unloaded conditions. Thanks to the use of spring leaves over four separate rubber block pads, mRIDE offers greater ground clearance over difficult terrain, so you’re clear to get the job done.

The mRIDE is part of Mack’s fully integrated drivetrain and is available on Pinnacle™ Axle Forward, Granite®, Titan by Mack and TerraPro® Cabover and LR models.

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