A low-maintenance suspension for high-demand jobs.

Mack®’s Twin Y™ air suspension offers drivers a smoother, more stable ride. Mack is the first in the trucking industry to utilize an innovative Y-shaped design to deliver unmatched comfort, handling and fuel efficiency.

This suspension includes two high-strength, lightweight steel blades per wheel end to make sure your load is resting on the air ride, not the pivot bushing. With weight savings of more than 400 pounds and an engine torque capacity of up to 2,050 lb.-ft., Twin Y is doing its job to make sure you can finish yours.

Other designs can’t compare to Twin Y’s improved handling and tracking. Tires maintain contact with the pavement during braking to reduce wheel hop and increase the life of your tires by 25 percent. Improved tire traction and braking offer you more control as you drive.

Mack’s Twin Y air suspensions require little upkeep so that you can spend your time tackling more important tasks. It has easier axle alignment due to the lack of spring steel preload, and axle seats never need re-torqueing. A reduction in torque reactivity lessens driveline vibration and extends component life. And there are no wear pads to replace. You’ll wish everything else in your life was this low-maintenance.

Twin Y air suspensions are available on both the Pinnacle™ Axle Back and Axle Forward models and feature Mack S38 and S40 series axles with C125/126, C150/151 and 200 Series axle carriers.

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