Mack Bulldog Magazine Adds a Digital Version

GREENSBORO, NC (Nov. 2, 2022) – Mack Trucks Bulldog Magazine is now available to a wider audience through the introduction of a new online version. The new digital platform brings Bulldog to devices everywhere in a clear, easily readable format for quicker news delivery, while minimizing the environmental impact of a printed version.

This new digital channel provides the same rich editorial content of news that Bulldog has provided for 102 years: in-depth articles about Mack products, services and technologies, plus profiles of innovative Mack customers, all to inform readers and educate them about a fast-moving industry.

"Customers have always looked to Mack Trucks to provide them with important information to help them achieve greater success in their operations, and Bulldog is an important source of that information," says David Galbraith, Mack vice president, global brand and marketing. "Now more people can access the content, and we have the ability to update it more frequently. Going digital also opens the door to video and interactive content for a more curated experience.”

The new format offers advantages compared to a traditional printed magazine, with the ability to add articles, videos and photos on a regular basis, plus an archive of past material organized to ensure relevance to current issues. Readers can subscribe to the online magazine for free and receive notifications when new material is added to the site.

The print version of Bulldog will still be available to Mack dealers to share with customers, and the general audience in the future will be able to sign up for a paid subscription to the printed magazine. The print version is also available online in PDF and "flippable" formats.

Mack’s Bulldog digital magazine can be found at

Mack Bulldog Magazine Digital Screenshot

CAPTION: Mack Trucks Bulldog Magazine, is now available to a wider audience through the introduction of a new online version available at