Why Sustainability?

The choices we make today define the world we live in tomorrow.

Climate change, population growth and increasing urbanization are shifting the landscape and expectations on transport and infrastructure

In all our actions, we need to consider how to reduce climate impact, and use the world’s resources and conduct business more responsibly.

Together with our customers, supply chain partners, governments, societies and other stakeholders, we are moving quickly to develop and offer cleaner, safer and more circular transport solutions.

What we’re working toward

This is our commitment to shape the world we want to live in.


  • Reduce CO2 emissions per vehicle km by 40% by 2030
  • 35% of sales to be Zero Emission Vehicles by 2030
  • Achieve climate neutral supply chains by 2040
  • Reduce energy consumption in Mack-owned buildings and plants by 2.5% each year
  • Reduce CO2 emissions in our operations and freight transports by 50% by 2030

How we’ll get there:

  • Accelerate electrification by developing electric vehicles to serve all segments and applications by 2030
  • Develop business models to support and promote zero emission products and solutions
  • Expand MFS VaaS (Vehicle as a Service) programs to simplify the purchase process and management associated with acquiring Mack eMobility products
  • Optimize supply chain CO2 footprint (i.e., localization)
  • Expand Better Plants and Better Climate Challenge (DOE) to all our facilities and extend to supply base
  • Investigate alternatives to natural gas (biogas) and diesel (biodiesel) for our industrial settings
  • Reduce energy usage by produced units
  • Source renewable energy and reduce facility footprint at own operations
  • Implement fleet energy efficiency program (carriers: ZEV, biodiesel) and optimize current transportation footprint


  • Certified landfill-free sites
  • Increase remanufacturing business by 50% by 2025 (baseline 2018)
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Reduce usage of materials and substances of concern

How we’ll get there:

  • Achieve landfill-free certification for non-recycled material at all our manufacturing sites and facilities
  • Invest in remanufacturing industrial capacity (i.e., Charlotte)
  • Expand reman offering (i.e., oil pump, PTO, coolant pump, electronics)
  • Design and source for circularity: recycle, reman, reuse
  • Evaluate alternatives to packaging materials (i.e., biodegradable plastic)
  • Deploy and enforce the Supplier Partner Code of Conduct 2.0
  • Increase our spend purchased from small business and diverse supply base in alignment with our customers’ values
  • Ensure supply chain compliance with all Volvo Group sustainability requirements


  • Reduce Lost Time Accident Rate by 75%
  • Increase community outreach index by 5% each year.
  • 35% female leaders and minority representation by 2030
  • Improve VG Pulse score for Mack on inclusion by 5% each survey
  • Engagement in top 10% of high performing companies (Glint global benchmark)

How we’ll get there:

  • Increase proactivity of safety culture and eliminate potential risk exposures
  • Support the focus on health and safety with assurance of all PPE needed
  • Promote and expand volunteerism
  • Continue to be strong supporters of organizations dedicated to improving quality of life, the environment, safety and education in our community
  • Foster a diverse & inclusive culture and mindset
  • Develop and engage in concrete actions around diversity and inclusion
  • Focused targets and actions in recruitment supporting our diversity goals
  • Secure human rights compliance with supplier partners by monitoring how they work with people (i.e., audits, assessments)

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