• Fuel
  • 11+
  • MPG
  • Power
  • 415-505
  • max hp
  • torque
  • 1860
  • lb.-ft max

Maximize driver comfort with Mack Anthem®

“The Anthem is a sharp-looking truck, with so many driver-friendly features, comfort, and so much storage.”

— Dan Boeke, Cookie Carriers, IN

Less effort. More control at every turn.

Mack® Command Steer puts comfort in the hands of the driver. Steering effort is reduced by up to 85%, while tight turns in drop-off lots are made easier.

Comfort where it counts.

  • Sleeper Space
  • Electric APU
  • Driver Dashboard
  • Cabin Options
  • LED Lighting
  • Steering Wheel

Spacious Stand-Up Sleeper

Anthem’s generous ceiling height gives drivers plenty of room to stand up in the cab and walk right through to the sleeper.

Idle Free® Power

Mack Anthem’s Idle Free® electric APU lets drivers run the HVAC system without idling, saving fuel and maintenance costs further down the road.

Driver Dashboard

Designed around the driver, all cab controls are easy to see and always within reach. Oversized rocker switches are back lit and laser etched to be readable for life. Large toggles are designed to work with gloved hands.

Impressive Cabin Options

Industry-leading storage, flexible workspace amenities, convenient control panels and upgrade options that include stainless steel refrigerator, microwave oven or flat-screen TV all help make drivers feel at home.

LED Lighting

Dimmable pipe light around the perimeter of the driver environment, bunk task light, reading lights and overhead lights are all bright, long-lasting LED. Red floor lighting also offers nighttime visibility.

Flat-Bottom Steering Wheel

An industry first, allowing more belly room and clearance for entry or exit.

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Elevate your Anthem to the highest level of comfort.

Introducing the Elite trim package

Offering more interior options than ever, Anthem delivers the premium comfort drivers want for all-day productivity behind the wheel.

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Harness the power of Integrated Uptime.

  • Nationwide Dealer Network
  • Certified Uptime Dealers
  • OneCall®
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Nationwide Dealer Network

With over 400 Mack dealer locations across North America, our courteous Mack service professionals help you streamline the service experience, integrating telematics, diagnostics, and parts sourcing to put your fixes on the fast track.

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Certified Uptime Dealers

Over 150 certified Mack dealer locations streamline the service experience, integrating diagnostics, communication, and proactive parts sourcing to expedite repair communications and reduce diagnostic times by 70%.

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Our team at Mack OneCall provides 24/7 full-service support with a network of experts to keep you and your drivers informed and connected ahead of any problem.

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  • Mack Uptime Center
  • GuardDog® Connect
  • Over the Air Updates

Mack Uptime Center

Based in Greensboro, NC, our uptime headquarters links your business with a team of professionals dedicated to analyzing performance data and truck telematics to advance the tools, technology and fleet services that keep your trucks on the road.

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GuardDog® Connect

When issues arise, GuardDog Connect alerts drivers, owners, and our service team to coordinate repairs and ensure your trucks get back on the road fast.

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Over the Air Updates

With more software and parameters categories than any other OEM, Over the Air Updates help avoid disrupting schedules and increase uptime by remotely updating truck software with GuardDog Connect.

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the new era of efficiency with the
Anthem HE+ Package.


MP8®HE Engine

The most fuel-efficient engine we’ve ever built utilizes Energy Recovery Technology to convert exhaust into energy and deliver an unprecedented 11+ miles per gallon.


Mack m DRIVE

Our easy-to-drive m DRIVE automated manual transmission constantly monitors speed, grade, load and other variables to ensure the truck is always in the right gear for maximum efficiency.


Predictive Cruise

Predictive Cruise learns the topography of your route and stores up to 4,500 hills in its database to automatically adjust speed, torque and gearing the next time you’re on that road, engaging the ideal shift strategy for maximum fuel efficiency.



A standard feature with Predictive Cruise, Econo-Roll temporarily disengages the driveline before the downhill descent, allowing the truck to roll and reducing fuel consumption.


Aerodynamic Design

Anthem’s sleek hood design works with roof, side and chassis fairings to help usher air around the truck and trailer. Front bumper air dam, aerodynamic mirrors, and bumper close-out flanges also usher wind around the truck to reduce drag and improve efficiency.

Run the numbers.

The Mack Anthem HE+ Package can drop fuel costs by up to 13.5%*.
Calculate the savings you could see with your current fleet by switching to Mack.

Safer drives

start with safer trucks.


Steel Cab Construction

Galvanized steel cab delivers exceptional protection and exceeds SAEJ2422 roof strength requirements.



From sloped hoods with excellent visibility over the right-side fender area to integrated sensors for blind spot warnings, the Anthem is engineered to help drivers see more of the road.


Splayed Frame Rail

Splaying the frame rails allow for a lower engine mount, so the engine and transmission can drop below the cab in the event of a severe front-end collision.


Heated LED Lamps

Heated LEDs prevent ice and snow buildup for visibility in all conditions.


Ground-Reachable Light Controls

Convenient placement allows lights to be turned on before entering the cabin.


Bendix® Wingman® Fusion 2.0

This advanced automated safety system integrates radar, camera, and brake system data to help drivers detect and avoid any potential hazards on the road.

Cab Configurations

70-Inch Stand Up Sleeper

With full-height roof fairing

70-Inch Stand Up Sleeper

Without roof fairing

48-Inch Flat Top Sleeper

With full-height roof fairing

48-Inch Flat Top Sleeper

With flat roof

Day Cab

With roof fairing

Day Cab

Without roof fairing

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Command Steer
Interior Trim Packages

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