Mack technology improves driver safety and efficiency

Optimize Highway Driving With Powerful Driver Assist Technology

Want to improve driver safety and efficiency in the field? Juan Torres, senior manager of sales training at Mack Trucks, says it starts with state-of-the-art driver-assisting technology built into the truck.

“Mack Trucks has always been known across the industry for its improvements, innovations, and reliability,” says Torres. “The new Mack Connect system builds on that reputation. It tracks performance, maximizes uptime, increases efficiency, and simplifies daily operations within the Mack Connect hub for every Mack-powered vehicle.”

For optimizing truck productivity, Torres recommends the powerful Mack m DRIVE™ automated manual transmission. The m DRIVE not only lightens the physical load for the truck—weighing in hundreds of pounds lighter than the competition—but also lightens the stress load on drivers, so that they can be more rested and focused.

“The m DRIVE is basically a manual transmission that is shifting on its own, but it shifts at the perfect time,” Torres says. “You can compare it to the best driver who knows exactly when to shift. That helps the driver to be more efficient but also more relaxed.”

The m DRIVE can also take advantage of Predictive Cruise, which automatically adjusts speed, torque, and gearing based on the route’s topography in GPS, resulting in 1% less fuel burned per drive cycle.

Torres also points to the Command Steer system in Mack Anthem® and Granite® axle back models as a powerful optimization tool. It adds an electric motor to the hydraulic steering system, reducing the physical exertion required to steer.

“With Command Steer, you could basically drive the truck with one finger,” Torres says. “And when you let go of the steering wheel, it goes back to zero, like a car. The Command Steer is a huge added value to the driver, because studies have found it reduces driver effort by up to 85% and can cut muscular strain by up to 30% to reduce the risk of long-term injury.”

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