Serving Up a Growing Appetite for Mack

When FoodPRO customers spot the metallic shimmer of cobalt blue Mack Anthem® and Mack® MD trucks delivering fresh-cut steaks, fish and produce to restaurants in the Mid-Atlantic region, they are quick to report the sightings back to the company. “I saw your truck!” is a frequent comment and music to the ears of FoodPRO president and third-generation leader, Scott Brunk.

Brunk’s grandfather started the company 80 years ago with one truck, and today, Frederick, Maryland-based FoodPRO is a $150 million company with 167 employees. FoodPRO is a wholesale restaurant supplier and food-service distributor with clients in Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Brunk says the strategic integration of the Mack MD and Mack Anthem models into their fleet has been central to the nearly 60% growth it has experienced post-pandemic. The trucks navigate tricky urban delivery challenges requiring tight turns and maximum visibility in the usually congested areas where popular restaurants are located. The fleet meets crucial uptime and fuel economy requirements while representing FoodPRO’s brand with well-maintained, top-of-the-line trucks.

“We believe our fleet is not only functional but also the best-looking in the industry,” says Brunk.

The incorporation of the fleet's new Mack trucks stemmed from two primary factors: a robust relationship between the company and Mack, and FoodPRO’s remarkable economic resurgence from the COVID-19 turbulence.

Pandemic perspective

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges for businesses worldwide, and the restaurant and food services industry were hard hit. However, Brunk says they made the deliberate decision to keep drivers on the payroll when business slowed down.

“This decision was not just about business; it was about supporting the livelihoods of our dedicated team members who are the backbone of FoodPRO,” says Brunk.

In addition to solidifying employee loyalty, FoodPRO extended its support to struggling clients.

During the early days of the COVID-19 shutdowns, they purchased gift cards from their customers in the restaurant business who experienced the brunt of the hard times and distributed the gift cards throughout the Frederick, Maryland community. Chris Ziegler, the fleet's transportation manager says that’s also the timeframe the company begin adding Mack Anthems to the fleet, which laid the foundation for further investments in Mack trucks and services.

Meeting the post-COVID demand challenge

As the economy began to recover, FoodPRO experienced a surge in demand, requiring the use of rental trucks to bridge equipment gaps. While rentals served immediate needs, they fell short of the company’s professional standards and image.

At the time, FoodPRO was already operating seven Anthems under a full-service leasing contract for turnkey maintenance. Positive experiences with Baltimore Truck Center and stellar reviews regarding the Anthem's driver acceptance, fuel efficiency, safety features and enhanced uptime paved the way for transitioning from stop-gap rentals to Mack MDs and increasing the Anthem fleet.

Bill Gross, salesperson with Baltimore Truck Center, said the relationship with FoodPRO was already strong and results oriented. “We were in the position to help FoodPRO as they continued to grow,” he says. The dealership is a member of the Mack Leasing System (MLS).

The decision to expand with MLS's full-service leasing, maintenance and repair program through Baltimore Mack was the right call, says Kevin Putman, senior operations coordinator. The lease includes all equipment costs, preventive maintenance, repairs, permitting, licensing, access to an extensive parts inventory, one-stop service and warranty repairs.

FoodPRO's facilities were already bursting at the seams with a 100,000-square-foot food warehouse, so avoiding the overhead and complexities of operating a maintenance shop was a priority. Leasing found the necessary sweet spot for the fleet operations. "Our commitment to maximizing uptime for our customers hinges on well-maintained, top-of-the-line equipment, and the Mack full-service lease delivers," emphasizes Putman.

Decision point

The Anthem fleet expanded to its current size of 12 day cabs, plus one sleeper used to backhaul dry or refrigerated goods from other warehouses the fleet utilizes. The trucks foster customer acceptance and furthers their driver recruitment and retention goals.

The acquisition of 10 Mack MDs, a mix of Class 6 and 7 units, was based on criteria such as safety features, fuel economy, driver comfort and acceptance and familiarity with Mack’s full-service lease.

“The new equipment underscores FoodPRO’s commitment to safe, up-to-date equipment operated by drivers renowned for their customer service, on-time delivery and professionalism,” Ziegler says.


The integration of Mack into FoodPRO's fleet yielded tangible benefits, including increased uptime, improved fuel economy and enhanced driver satisfaction. Data indicates a significant fuel savings per truck, translating to substantial cost reductions and improved profitability. By eliminating rental truck costs, FoodPRO also experienced bottom-line monthly savings of $10,000- $16,000.

Future trajectory

FoodPRO sees a future of continued growth and expansion with Mack Trucks playing a pivotal role in its success. As the company studies leasing more equipment to meet anticipated demand, its partnership with Mack remains instrumental in driving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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