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LR® Model

The LR Model increases productivity with a versatile cab that stands up to the full abuse of refuse work.

Wraparound Rear Window

Built for superior visibility, the windows nearly eliminate blind spots.

Sloped Roof

The roofline directs rain water down and away from the windshield.

Chassis Configurations

Deep frame rails and heavy-duty crossmembers give you the strength you need.

Versatile Door Options

With some of the largest doors in the industry, the LR model offers 3 door configurations and 6 door combinations.

Breakaway Mirrors

Protect the cab body from damage with spring-loaded mirrors that give on impact.

LED Lights

All exterior lights are LED, which are 66% brighter, last longer, use less energy and provide better visibility.

Driver Environment

The Mack LR Model puts the driver’s needs first with upgraded features designed for more comfort and increased productivity.

Seating Options

Increase comfort and productivity with stand-up and seated positions.

Expanded Storage

Storage pockets, 2-liter-bottle holders and a central storage platform mean there’s room for everything.

Up-to-Date Technology

Access entertainment and vital information with the Bluetooth-enabled, hands-free radio and easy-to-read gauge cluster.

Adjustable Steering Column

Tilting, telescoping and designed for all-day comfort at the wheel.

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