Granite® MHD

Durability without extra weight.


Lightweight. Heavy hitter.

Ideally configured for shorter runs and lighter-duty cycles, Granite MHD reduces weight without sacrificing durability and comes in Class 7 and Class 8 configurations.
9-Liter Engine

Reliable 9-liter Cummins engine cuts weight, not torque.

Flexible Configurations

Spec’d to its Class 7 configuration, Granite MHD is not subject to the 12 percent FET.

Lightweight Rails

Lightweight 7mm frame rail thickness is available exclusively for Granite MHD.

Granite MHD hauling equipment on a construction job site


The gold standard of tough.

The unyielding foundation of any job, Granite MHD has the brawn to get the job done right.

  • Heavy-duty crossmembers provide the strength to tackle any job.
  • A rugged galvanized steel cab and rubber-sealed windshield keep drivers safe.
  • Top-mounted rear axle carriers minimize driveline angle and improve fuel efficiency and ground clearance.


All-day comfort behind the wheel.

Redesigned and purpose-built, Granite MHD’s interiors minimize driver wear and tear and maximize comfort.
Flat-Bottom Steering Wheel

An industry first, the flat-bottom steering wheel allows more clearance for entry or exit.

Premium Seating

Mack-exclusive seats provide unmatched comfort.

Instrument Panel

Easy-to-reach controls reduce driver fatigue and increase productivity.