The Mack® Granite® is one of the most popular and proven trucks on Earth. Its frame is specially designed for the harshest jobsites, and its engine packs a punch. And everything, from its frame to its fuel-efficient engine, was tuned to maximize fuel-efficiency while cutting weight. 

The Mack MP® engine gives this truck an edge on the competition. It is highly fuel-efficient, while delivering plenty of horsepower (from 325 to 505 HP) and superior low-end torque. 

Every Mack® Granite® is built on the proven Cornerstone™ chassis that provides rock-solid performance, durability and reliability. Cornerstone’s constant frame rail height and high-strength steel alloy design create stronger, lighter frames. And it’s higher off the ground for maximum ground clearance.

Granite’s got power and efficiency to spare. Whether you need brawn to get the job done, or brains to help boost your bottom line, Granite is the foundation of every tough jobsite.


We built the Granite® with a pride of craftsmanship unmatched in the trucking industry. It’s an absolute beast, ready to take whatever you can throw at it, day in and day out. Its exterior redefines rugged, with splash shields, hood isolators and a galvanized steel cab with a rubber-sealed windshield.


  • Granite’s sloped hood provides improved aerodynamics and excellent visibility
  • Aggressive self-cleaning steps and a grab bar improve safety
  • Cab air springs provide cushioning, stability and reduced vibration
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A sanctuary from the rough road, the Granite® can stand up to anything. It also stands up for its drivers, keeping them comfortable.

An air-suspended driver’s seat shields the driver from bumps in the road. And the airbag- and shock-mounted steel cab, stabilized with sway bars, soaks up the rough stuff from even the most punishing jobsites.


  • Best-in-class four-point cab lighting
  • Air-suspended driver’s seat that’s wide and comfortable
  • Convenient storage bins on doors, back wall and overhead console
  • Air-assisted clutch, for greatly reduced driver effort


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