Pinnacle™ Sleepers are designed for driver comfort as well as heavy loads, steep grades and long hauls. They’ve got the brawn and fuel efficiency to run longer and maximize your bottom line. There are five sleepers available: 

48- and 56-inch Flattops, 60- & 70-inch mid-rise and our 70-inch high-rise.  All sleepers are available on both Pinnacle Axle Back or Axle Forward models.

We’ve been an industry leader in vehicle stability systems for over a decade, and every Pinnacle comes with Roll Stability Advantage to protect drivers using sensors that respond to hazardous situations. In addition, a lower center of gravity and a four-corner frame mounted cab means that your Pinnacle will be completely stable.

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Spend less time fueling up and more time on the road. 

The Pinnacle Sleeper features an aerodynamic design that cuts down on drag and gives drivers a broad field of vision to see everything around them. It’s built solid, delivering the highest levels of uptime and driving down the cost of ownership. And the three-point entry with self-cleaning steps and a full grab bar keeps drivers safe getting in and out of the cab.


  • Aerodynamic design improves fuel efficiency and visibility
  • Large radiator opening saves fuel
  • Durable components for longevity, versatility and easy servicing
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Take refuge from the ordinary. Whether you’re away from home for days or weeks at a time, the Pinnacle Sleeper can keep you rested and comfortable. 

Auxillary Power Units let you operate your heating, ventilation, AC and electrical power totally independently from your engine. They keep your engine warm or cool for a quick start in any weather. And the best-in-class four-point cab lighting reduces dangerous glare and illuminates key spots in the cab.

You’re in control when you’re in a Pinnacle’s cab. Our lighting controls are easily accessed from the ground for pre-trip inspections. Easy-to-read gauges and switches within easy reach keeps your eyes on the road. And the simply adjusted telescopic and tilt steering wheel is optimized for extra comfort.


  • Convenient storage bins in a roomy, netted overhead console
  • Sound deadening reduces road noise down to a car’s level
  • Independent APUs provide idle-free comfort
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Trim Packages

From the finish on the dash to the style of the steering wheel and a trio of optional trim levels, you can select from an array of choices that fit your style.


  • Choose from Genuine, Custom or Grand Touring
  • Grand Touring trim includes Ultraleather and cloth accent seats


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